City Hall will be open to the public starting on Thursday, April 1, 2021 from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday 

Attention City of Middletown Residents:

Electronic Drop Off Day, for City residents only, will be held on Saturday September 18, 2021 from 8:00am to 3:00pm located at the DPW Recycling Center at 76 Monhagen Avenue. 

No more than 5 devices per household. Proof of City of Middletown residency is required.

If you have any questions, please contact DPW at #845-343-3169.

City of Middletown Residents:

Beginning on Monday April 12, 2021, each residence in the City of Middletown will be receiving new carts for their MSW (regular household garbage) and recycling pick up. Please click the link below to view the informational flyer regarding the new carts and garbage pick up requirements/conditions. You should begin using these carts immediately upon arrival.

pdf City of Middletown New MSW & Recycling Carts Information Flyer (1011 KB)


If you have questions, please contact the DPW Office at #845-343-3169

City of Middletown
Collection of Yard waste

Yard waste collection will begin on Monday, April 5, 2021.

Yard waste should be set out on Sunday evenings for curbside pickup NOT ON THE STREET beginning on Monday each week.

Also available FOR MIDDLETOWN RESIDENTS ONLY- No Commercial
Yard waste and Recyclables can be dropped off at the Recycling Center on Monhagen Avenue, Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Yard waste Collection ends on December 3, 2021.

Yard waste consists of grass clippings, weeds, brush, branches, and leaves and it should be put in cans, barrels or plastic bags. Small branches must be securely tied in bundles not exceeding 18” in diameter by 36” in length as per City Ordinance §407-5.


               Joseph M. DeStefano                                                                                                   J. Miguel Rodrigues
                            Mayor                                                                                                                      Alderman-at-Large

Jacob S. Tawil, P.E.
Commissioner of Public Works

Help protect the environment- Lower our landfill disposal cost by RECYCLING



Bulk Trash Pick-up for all single and two family homes


Third Ward – April 12, 2021

(Set out Sunday evening, April 11, 2021)

Second Ward – April 19, 2021

(Set out Sunday evening, April 18, 2021)

First Ward – April 26, 2021

(Set out Sunday evening, April 25, 2021)

Fourth Ward – May 3, 2021

(Set out Sunday evening, May 2, 2021)

If you are unsure as to which Ward you reside you can check the map on the website or call DPW at #343-3169 for determination.

We will pick up no more than 12 items.

Once trash is picked up on your street, trucks WILL NOT return.

ONLY 12 ITEMS will be picked up.

The City will remove additional items and a bill will be issued for the work required.

Only 4 tires off-rims per house will be picked up.


An item is a single large item, couch, chair, etc., or box of smaller items. The material must be placed on the curb and separate from the household garbage since different crews pick up garbage.

We will not pick up stone, dirt, car parts, construction debris, or hazardous waste including TVs, computer monitors, computer towers, and batteries. New York State law prohibits any resident from placing any electronic device on the curb or sidewalk for pickup.

Please check the website for locations where you can dispose of your electronics.

Appliances must have the doors removed to protect the City's children. Refrigerators shall be freon free prior to placement on the curb for pickup.


       Joseph M. DeStefano                                                                                   J. Miguel Rodrigues
                    Mayor                                                                                               Alderman-at-Large

Jacob S. Tawil, P.E.                                                                                 Mark Pengel
Commissioner of Public Works                                                          Deputy Commissioner




The City of Middletown Water Department will be flushing water mains during the day on

March 15, 2021-April 5, 2021 in the Second and Third Ward

April 6, 2021-April 30, 2021 in the First and Fourth Ward

*Weather permitting.

**Nighttime flushing may occurr in certain locations. 

Water may be discolored due to flushing. Local residents affected by the flushing are advised to wait a minimum of 48 hours prior to doing any laundry.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the DPW office at #845-343-3169.

Thank you.

Please be advised that beginning on Monday September 21, 2020 the Henry Street parking lot will be closed due to construction.  Alternate parking can be found in the Canal Street parking lot.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you.

Construction Alerts:

Dear City of Middletown Residents and Visitors,

1. Please be advised that a new construction project, ADA Curbs and Sidewalks, started today June 29, 2020.  This Federally Funded Project with local contribution includes replacing curbs and sidewalks, at several City Streets, including constructing new ones on Dolson Ave, where none exists, to promote walkability, safety, ADA compliance and support local businesses.  Construction is tentatively scheduled for substantial completion by end of November.

Impacted City Streets and construction location:

  1. Dolson Ave (Webb Rd to Bennett)
  2. Wickham Ave (W. Main St to Prince St)
  3. W. Main St (Wickham Ave to Union)
  4. Highland Ave (W. Main St to Franklin St)
  5. Franklin St (Highland Ave to Union)
  6. Grove St (Wickham Ave to Railroad Ave)
  7. Railroad Ave (North St to Grove St)

Please exercise caution when traveling through construction area, and find alternate travel routes if congested.

Please give our working construction men and women a break, slow down, stay alert and help protect their lives.

 2.  East Main Street Parking Lot across from Bakery in Downtown has been completed and is open for traffic.

Thank you 

City of Middletown has partnered with to administer its Foreclosure Property registration and Vacant Property registration program(s). In order to comply with the Foreclosure Property and Vacant Property registration ordinance, all Owners/Mortgagees/Trustees must register online via and pay a registration fee.

Register with