Council meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM. All meetings held at Common Council Chamber on the second floor of City Hall at 16 James Street in Middletown.

Meetings are open to the public.

Please check the City Calendar for the Committee Meeting Schedule Times. Meetings are scheduled by the Chairman of each Committee before each Common Council Meeting.

Past Mayors & Municipal Officers


Middletown Council

Front Row from Left:  Alderwoman Wray, Alderman Johnson, President Rodrigues, Alderman Kleiner, Alderman Tobin

Second Row from Left: Alderman Witt, Alderman Green , Mayor DeStefano, Alderman Masi, Alderman Jean-Francois

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Joseph M. DeStefano
phone icon (845) 346-4100
email icon Email


Common Council President

J. Miguel Rodrigues
phone icon (845) 742-8775
email icon Email

Aldermen First Ward

Joseph G. Masi
phone icon (914) 443-4484 
email icon Email

Kevin Witt
phone icon (845) 283-9390
email icon Email

Aldermen Second Ward

Andrew Green
phone icon (845) 293-3538
email icon Email

Gerald P. Kleiner
phone icon (845) 343-8125
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 Aldermen Third Ward

Kate Wray
phone icon (845) 978-6555
email icon Email

Paul Johnson
phone icon (845) 343-9888
email icon Email

Aldermen Fourth Ward

Jude A. Jean-Francois
phone icon (845) 283-7099
email icon Email

Sparrow Tobin
phone icon (845) 328-0164
email icon Email