Middletown Civil Service Commission

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More than 120 years ago, New York was the first State in the nation to adopt the civil service merit system. The civil service merit system ensures that public employees are chosen on the basis of merit and fitness. The Middletown Civil Service Commission oversees the employment of persons in the classified service of the City of Middletown, the Middletown City School District, and the Middletown Housing Authority.

New York State Law states that a municipal civil service commission shall consist of three persons. The members of the Middletown Civil Service Commission are appointed to six year terms by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.

The current members are Timothy Welch, Mike Zahorchak and David Raymond.

According to the 2005 Middletown Civil Service Commission Annual Report, the Commission is responsible for approximately 675 classified employees in the City of Middletown, the Middletown City School District, and the Middletown Housing Authority. Some of the positions in the classified service include keyboard specialists, data entry clerks, code enforcement officers, police officers, account clerks, school office managers, etc.

The Civil Service Commission has many duties and responsibilities including: adopting and enforcing local civil service rules; the authority to investigate the enforcement of the Civil Service Law and Rules; authority to approve applications for competitive examinations, non-competitive appointment and labor class positions; the sole authority to classify positions and title positions; the sole authority to establish minimum qualifications for examination purposes; the authority to establish open-competitive and promotion eligible lists for a period of one to four years; the responsibility for keeping the official civil service records regarding an employee's employment history, civil service status and salary; the authority to approve temporary appointments, provisional appointments and transfers; the authority to administer the procedures of disciplinary actions and serve in an appellate capacity for disciplinary actions; the authority to administer layoff procedures and establish preferred eligible lists in the event of layoff; and the authority to certify payrolls on at least an annual basis to ensure that persons on the payroll are properly employed in accordance with Civil Service Law and Rules.

Civil service employment opportunities in the City of Middletown, the Middletown School District, and the Middletown Housing Authority are currently posted at the Civil Service Office located on the 3rd floor of City Hall, 16 James Street in Middletown. Postings may also be viewed at the Board of Education, Middletown City School District, 223 Wisner Avenue, and at Thrall Library, located at 11-19 Depot Street.

The Middletown Civil Service Office is administered by Joseph Masi, Civil Service Executive Administrator.