NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Orange County Legislature will hold two Public Hearings regarding updates to the Orange County Comprehensive Plan. The two public hearing dates are as follows:

February 20, 2019 meeting will be held in Legislative Chambers, Orange County Government Center, 255 Main Street, 2nd Floor, New York at 5:00 PM; and

February 27, 2019 meeting will be held at OCCC-Newburgh Campus at 3:00 PM; alternative date/snowdate March 13, 2019 at 3:00 PM at OCCC-Newburgh Campus.

FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that copies of said Comprehensive Plans (Core Document Update and Chapter 6: Transportation) are available at the Office of the Clerk of said County Legislature, 255 Main Street, 2nd Floor, in the Orange County Government Center, Goshen, New York, where they may be inspected by any interested person during usual business hours.

Copies of the plans are also available for inspection at:

• The Office of the Orange County Department of Planning, 124 Main Street (1887 Building), Goshen, NY 10924
• A copy of the comprehensive plan will be deposited with each reference desk of every library in the County.
• The Orange County Website: Documents
• Copies of public comments to date may also be found on the website.


The County Planning Department, in cooperation with the County Planning Board, has completed significant public outreach to date. This outreach – summarized as follows – was focused on:

• Use of coUrbanize social media tool and related digital and in person outreach.
• A public hearing on a first draft of the proposed Update, held Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at the County Emergency Management Center in Goshen.
• An open comment period on the first draft of the proposed Update, as available online and at the offices of the Planning Department. That comment period closed Wednesday, January 2, 2019.
These comments have been reviewed by staff, with the County Planning Board, and when relevant have been incorporated into the Final Draft Plan Update provided to the Legislature for review and adoption.


coUrbanize –
To help determine the focus of this new Comprehensive Plan, the Planning Department led public outreach to gauge what issues were most important to County residents. Outreach included discussions with the Orange County Planning Board, three public meetings held throughout the County, press releases, and an outreach project facilitated by coUrbanize. The last-mentioned outreach technique was especially helpful in reaching a wide audience because it was based on an interactive website where people were able to respond to questions posed on the site. The site was linked to outdoor signs the Department installed throughout the County, each of which posed a question and asked pedestrians to text their answer to a specific phone number; these questions asked, “Why do you ride public transit?” and “What housing options does your community need?” among others.
Those answers would also be posted on the website automatically. All answers were pinned to a map on the coUrbanize site. In total, this generated 425 comments from 64 users, and 199 responses from County Planning.

Outreach has continued for this process by way of a Facebook page created specifically for this project. Although public engagement on this page has been very sparse, it offers another way for ongoing community outreach, and another way for the public to contact us with other concerns.

CoUrbanize users typically commented around a few major themes:
• Traffic issues around the Harriman/Monroe area and Newburgh area, but transportation related projects such as increased ferry service, better commuter train service, and train connections to Stewart Airport were also brought up frequently. Better/more convenient public transportation and a county-wide bus network were big topics of conversation.
• The desire for more trail connections to the Heritage Trail, particularly North- South connections, and the creation of a county-wide trail network.

• Nonmotorized transportation in general was commented on frequently, with people wanting more opportunities for biking/walking and a focus on pedestrian safety and sidewalks.
• Open space protection and preserving the character of the County were common topics.
• There was a big discussion on economic development in towns and villages across the County, but revitalization in Newburgh and Port Jervis were popular.
• Arts and culture were a hot topic, with many areas interested in more museums and performing arts/concert venues.

The coUrbanize users focused so strongly on the transportation and transit concerns that the County determined there was an immediate need for a Transportation Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan to address the existing concerns and the needs of future users of the transportation network. Some of these issues are addressed within this Plan, while others can be addressed through separate processes, by other agencies, or in future Plan updates.

Orange County Planning Board Public Hearing 12/11/18 -

Summary of the Orange County Planning Board public hearing, including attendance, may be found at


Other Public Comments –

Three (3) written public comments were received by the Department prior to closing of comment period, January 2, 2019. Two (2) comments were from individuals offering a range of general and specific suggestions. The third set of comments was made on behalf of a set of committees of the Orange County Citizens Foundation. All comments are on file with the Department, and all comments were reviewed and used towards final edits to the Final Draft Plan Update provided to the Legislature.