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WHEREAS, the Common Council of the City of Middletown desires to assure the safety of the public both on the streets and in their homes during the celebration of Halloween, and,

WHEREAS, the Common Council of the City of Middletown has determined that it is in the best interest of the City of Middletown to adopt a juvenile curfew during the Halloween period and to encourage parents and guardians to supervise, control and know the whereabouts of their children during such period,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED AND ORDAINED BY THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MIDDLETOWN, that during the period of October 29, 2021 through November 1, 2021 between the hours of 9:00 pm through 6:00 am on each day, commencing on October 29, 2021, it shall be unlawful for any person under the age of eighteen (18) years (hereafter referred to as “minor”) to be in any public place (including but not limited to, any street, alley, highway or other public thoroughfare, sidewalk, park, playground, store, shop, restaurant, tavern, café, theater, shopping center and any other place devoted to amusement or open to the general public) or on private property other than such minor’s home or usual place of abode, within the City of Middletown, New York, either on foot or in a vehicle, except:

  1. When accompanied by a parent or guardian; or
  2. When the minor is on an emergency errand; or
  3. When the minor is on a specific business or activity directed by his or her parent or guardian, in writing, identifying the minor, the specific business or activity, the location or locations of such business or activity and the time when such business or activity shall end, and signed by such parent or guardian; or
  4. When the presence of such minor is required in connection with some legitimate employment, trade, profession or occupation.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED AND ORDAINED, that it shall be unlawful for any person, operating or having charge of any public place to knowingly permit or suffer the presence of minors between the hours set for above,


AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED AND ORDAINED, that the following procedures shall be followed in the event of any violations of the above curfew:

  1. Any Police or Peace Officer, upon finding a minor in violation of the prohibitions set forth above shall ascertain the name and the address of the minor and warn the minor that he or she is in violation of curfew and shall direct the minor to proceed at once to his or her home or usual place of abode. The police or peace officer shall report such action to the parents or guardian of the minor.
  2. If such minor refuses to heed the warning or direction given by any police or peace officer or refuses to give the police or peace officer his or her correct name and address, or if the minor has been warned on a previous occasion that he or she was in violation of curfew, such minor shall be taken to the City of Middletown Police Station and the parent or guardian of the minor shall be notified to come and take charge of such minor and return such minor to the minor’s home or usual place of abode. Such minor, in the discretion of the Chief of Police, may also be issued an appearance ticket to appear in the Middletown City Court to answer charges of violation of the curfew, and any operator of any public place who has suffered the presence of such minor or minors may also be issued an appearance ticket to appear in the Middletown City Court to answer charges of violation of the curfew.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED AND ORDAINED, that any person violating the provisions of this Ordinance and found guilty of the same shall be fined not more than Two Hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) and/or sentenced to not more than fifteen (15) days in jail for each offense.


Hours of Voting

Sat.   Oct 23: 

10 am to 3 pm

Sun.   Oct 24: 

9 am to 2 pm

Mon.  Oct 25: 

7 am to 3 pm

Tues.  Oct 26: 

Noon to 8 pm

Wed.  Oct 27: 

Noon to 8 pm

Thurs. Oct 28: 

9 am to 5 pm

Fri.   Oct 29: 

7 am to 3 pm

Sat.   Oct 30: 

9 am to 2 pm

Sun.   Oct 31: 

9 am to 2 pm

Maloney Backs Hochul’s Upcoming FEMA Request and Offers Help to Constituents Impacted by Storm Ida

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) release the following statement in response to the flooding and damage caused by Tropical Storm Ida in the Hudson Valley.

“The historic deluge caused by Tropical Storm Ida has hit the Hudson Valley hard,” said Rep. Maloney. “I support the Governor’s imminent request for FEMA assistance and will continue to fight for all and any federal aid necessary to respond and recover from this storm. My thanks to President Biden for already agreeing to approve the resources New York needs to fully recover. If you or a loved one have lost power or are in need to immediate assistance, please call my office at 845-561-1259. I am here to help.”

Rainfall from Hurricane Ida caused serious flooding throughout the Hudson Valley on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, resulting in road closures, a bridge collapse, power outages, transit shutdowns, and school closures and delays. Rep. Maloney’s office is monitoring the situation and offering assistance to any constituent in need. They can be reached at 845-561-1259.

Protection and recovery assistance for farmers:

Since coming to Congress, Rep. Maloney has passed several landmark, bipartisan bills to help local farmers make ends meet. His Creating Reliability for Our Producers (CROP) Act was signed into law as part of the 2014 Farm Bill. This reformed the specialty crop insurance program by investing in the development of new and improved plans that better protect small, diversified family farms. His legislation to make whole farm crop insurance more accessible and effective for diversified, organic, beginning, and other farmers not adequately served by other risk management options was also included in the 2018 Farm Bill. Hudson Valley farms often grow a variety of different crops, unlike many farms nationally, which grow only a single crop over thousands of acres. This bill was designed to tailor the program to the needs of local farmers in New York. He has also passed legislation to address local flooding issues with producers whose operations contain muck soils.

For assistance accessing these programs, please contact the office by calling 845-561-1259 or visit for help with crops, plants, animals, and livestock.

To report a power outage or partial outage:

Con Edison -


Orange & Rockland -

Central Hudson -

General safety information for flooding in homes:

  • Shut off any power around the area, including electricity and gas. Do not enter a flooded area while the power is on. 
  • Wear boots and gloves for protection. Use caution when walking and moving around the flooded area since it will likely offer itself as a slipping hazard.
  • Don’t touch electrical items like TVs, stereos or lamps, even after the electricity is disconnected. Let electrical items dry in place and refer to an electrician or qualified repairman to determine the amount of damage. 
  • Start removing water from the basement. Depending on the amount of water, you can use a sump pump, a pool pump, a wet/dry vacuum or a mop and bucket. Sump pumps are located in the lowest part of a basement and work by sending water away from the home after a flooding. Without a sump pump, water can come up through the ground and enter the home causing flooding in not only the basement, but other parts of the house as well. 
  • Move damaged items out of the basement to dry in a well-ventilated area. If weather permits, a sunny place is the best option. Try not to dry out items inside the damp basement. Give items 48 hours to thoroughly dry. If they remain wet, they may need to be discarded.
  • Remove carpeting from basement as soon as possible. Consult a restoration specialist or a carpet cleaning contractor for recommendations. If carpet isn’t dried properly, it can also harbor mold and mildew.
  • Let the basement dry for several days. Open windows and doors to get as much ventilation as possible, and place fans around the room for air circulation and to speed drying time. You can also rent a dehumidifier.
  • Wash down floors and walls to remove any dirt left behind by the water. Remove any wet or damaged drywall and insulation to prevent the spreading of mold.
  • When the floor and walls are dry, use an anti-mildew spray to discourage mold and mildew from developing.
  • If you have flood insurance, call your home insurance company and report the flood. Confirm your coverage limits, deductible amount, and claim procedures

We are experiencing an increase in requests for support from our older neighbors in the Middletown area. Specifically, the needs are for shopping assistance and transportation to medical appointments. Would you please post the attached flyer and send out to all enabled users to help us help our neighbors? We have several training sessions for volunteers coming up.

Volunteer With The Friendly Visitor Program!
Volunteer in as little as 30 minutes. Opportunities available NOW in your Middletown and all over Orange County. Attend a Volunteer Zoom Training and complete an application! It’s that easy. Select one 90-minute Training session.

Volunteer Training Dates:
Thursday August 26th at 10:00 am
Tuesday September 14th at 6:00 pm
Thursday September 23rd at 10:00 am

This 90-minute Zoom training will prepare you to provide support to older adults in your own community for as little as 30 minutes. Our volunteers provide local transportation to essential appointments, assistance with grocery shopping, telephone wellness calls and friendly visits and quick fixes in our neighbor’s homes-Covid 19 social distancing observed. Volunteering is rewarding and flexible for volunteers of all ages! Reservations are required. Background check and insurance while volunteering is provided. The JFS of Orange County Friendly Visitor program partners with the Office for the Aging to support neighbors in Orange County.
Contact Paula Blumenau
845-341-1173 ext. 305 or email for more information or to register for the training

Click here for full information →  pdf 2021 Volunteer Training Flyer (226 KB)


Please remove all temporary signs including political signs in the City of Middletown after 30 days after the date of the election or the event.