Thank you to everyone who came to the City Hall Time Capsule Opening on Friday, June 28, 2013 by Mayor DeStefano and Council President Miguel Rodrigues.

The contents of the capsule is in the process of being preserved with the recomendation of a historical preservation company who preserves our historical records for City Hall.  After the preservation process is complete the contents of the time capsule will be on display in City Hall.  Please check this website for futher details on the time line of the display.

If you did not come to the opening of the time capsule please see the link below for the contents:

icon City Hall 1910 Time Capsule Contents

As soon as the preservation process is complete we will have the contents scaned and on the website.  Below is a sample of a 1899 silver certificate dollar that was in the capsule by Hulse Brothers Jewelers and Optometrists at 9 James Street dated August 2, 1910.

 icon Silver Certificate 1899

Also, please check out our website for the placement of new time capsule that will be placed back into the cornerstone of City Hall soon.



Please be advised that as per City of Middletown Code, Section 460-22, Parking Restrictions to Aid Snow Plowing and Snow Removal, "Parking on City Streets is Unlawful after a Snowfall of 2 1/2 Inches or More to Aid in the Safe Plowing of City Streets..."

Also as weather conditions deteriorate please stay off the roads and keep the Fire Hydrants in your area clear of snow when safe to do so.

This is for your safety and the Safety of your Neighbors.

We appreciate your cooperation

Joseph M. DeStefano, Mayor

Code of the City of Middletown

Chapter 403. SNOW AND ICE

Article III. Dumping

§ 403-10. Prohibited acts.
[Amended 2-11-2008]
No person or persons shall throw, dump or deposit or cause to be dumped or deposited any snow or ice from any public or private land, property or building upon or in any of the streets, avenues, public parks or public places in the City of Middletown except for the purpose of immediate removal, and in which event any of such materials must, within one hour after they have been thrown, dumped or deposited upon or in any of the streets, avenues, public parks or public places, be removed from any such place or places.


Article I. Traffic Regulations

§ 460-22. Parking restrictions to aid snow plowing and snow removal.

It shall be unlawful to delay, hinder or obstruct any vehicles or equipment engaged in the
operation of snow plowing or snow removal in the City streets. After a precipitation of snow of
2 1/2 inches or more, and thereafter until the streets are plowed and cleared of snow, it shall be
unlawful for any person to park any vehicle upon any street while said street is being plowed or
cleared unless such vehicle is attended by a person capable of operating it. The owner or a
person in charge of or in control of any vehicle standing in any street shall move or cause the
same to be moved so as not to be in the path of the equipment plowing or clearing the street of

City of Middletown Code Chapter 319 Littering

No person shall post or affix any notice, poster or other paper or device calculated to attract the attention of the public to any lamppost, street sign, public utility pole or shade tree, or upon any public structure, building, public right-of-way or City property except as may be authorized or required by law.

Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of an offense within the meaning of the Penal Law of the State of New York and, upon conviction thereof, shall be subject to a fine of not less than $250 nor more than $750 or by imprisonment for a period not exceeding 15 days, or both such fine and imprisonment. Each day that a violation is permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offense.

Below is a list of the Bus Stop locations throughout the City of Middletown:

at "Franklin Square" on South Street near the former TD Bank Building

at Top of Ridge Street near Touro College Bus shelter

at King Street & James Street

at East Main Street & Railroad Avenue (on Railroad Ave. across from Tony Boffas Restaurant)

at Shop Rite on Dolson Avenue

at Dolson Avenue near Auto Zone

Mayor Joseph M. DeStefano gave his State of the City Address on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at City Hall in the Council Chambers, 2nd floor at 7:00PM.  The address will be on Channel 20 at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

Click here to read the speech and all the Department Reports →  pdf State of the City 2018 Part 1 (7.78 MB)

                                                                                                         pdf State of the City 2018 Part 2 (4.80 MB)

The City of Middletown
invites you to connect with us using Nixle 360!

Stay up-to-date on important updates and emergency alerts.

The City of Middletown has partnered with Nixle, a public notification system that will provide our residents with real-time informational updates and emergency alerts. Nixle 360 is purpose-built to provide secure and reliable communications, and its authenticated service can connect you to all of your city agencies such as the Police Department, Fire Department and Department of Public Works. Notifications regarding public emergencies, road closures, severe weather alerts, and much more will be delivered to you via multiple platforms, including social media! The system also provides an opportunity to submit confidential tips and requests for service. Sign-up is free and easy!

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Citizen questions about the service and its capabilities can be answered through the Frequently Asked Questions page found at Should you need additional assistance, Nixle provides free citizens support and you can contact the Middletown Police Department at 845-343-3151. Email any questions to

Residents of the City of Middletown:

As we approach the summer months, I wanted to personally reach out for you to clarify some of the provisions of the Middletown City Code regarding the possession, purchase, and use of fireworks within our city. Over the past three years, there has been a great deal of confusion as to whether or not fireworks are legal within the City of Middletown. For that reason, I want to clearly and undeniably advise all residents of the following: The purchase, possession, use, and sale of ALL fireworks (including sparklers) is prohibited anywhere within the confines of the City of Middletown.

Much of the confusion that exists regarding fireworks has to do with the legalization of certain types of fireworks by the State of New York in June of 2015. As a result of that legislation, sparklers and other similar types of fireworks became legal to sell, possess, and use in certain areas of New York State, including many of the towns and villages just outside of the City of Middletown. Nevertheless, the Middletown Common Council elected to opt out of this legislation, thereby leaving the fireworks laws unchanged for the City of Middletown.

The purpose behind the Middletown Common Council’s decision to opt out of the new fireworks legislation was simple: Our elected officials want to ensure that all of our residents remain safe and free to enjoy our quiet and peaceful community, without the excessive noise and substantial injury risks that fireworks pose. The city and county offer a number of fireworks demonstrations for you and your family to enjoy free of charge, so I encourage you to take advantage of these great opportunities.

Every summer, our agency responds to hundreds of complaints for fireworks being shot off and detonated in our neighborhoods. I want to respectfully ask that all residents assist in preventing injuries, unnecessary noise, and fires by choosing not to purchase and utilize any type of fireworks within the City of Middletown. I also ask that you keep an open line of communication to the police department, contacting us with any issues you may have, whether it be fireworks related or any other occurrence, so that we can effectively address your concerns. Together, we can build a safer Middletown!

Respectfully yours
John Ewanciw
Chief of Police

As part of our continuing efforts to keep the community informed of the progress at the CPV Energy Valley Center in Wawayanda, we wanted to
Provide an important update. 

Since completing commissioning of the CPV Valley Energy Center on our back up fuel in early May, the facility has been operational and providing reliability benefits to the electric grid by being available to operate in times of system stress. During the last heat wave, the facility was put on standby by New York's grid operator to meet the soaring demand. 

Millennium Pipeline Company completed construction and testing of the gas lateral on July 8th and received the final certificate to operate on July 9th. Federal and State regulators conducted numerous inspections throughout the pipeline construction and found no violations or infractions.

Now that gas is available, the final testing and commissioning phase is underway. The primary goal of this final phase is to operate the equipment on natural gas and enable the operation of both gas turbines and steam turbine together, which maximizes the efficiency of the facility. Once complete, the CPV Valley Energy Center will be one of the most efficient power plants in the United States. Although it is impossible to predict an exact date of completion, we are planning to complete all testing by mid­August. These testing and commissioning activities are a necessary step and are conducted in accordance with Federal and State air emission standards.

Once operating on natural gas, the CPV Valley Energy Center will displace older, less efficient fossil fuel generation operating today. By replacing that older generation, New York's carbon emissions are estimated to be reduced by 1/2 a million tons per year. The CPV Valley Energy Center will also use less natural gas to create the same amount of electricity it displaces, which
means less fuel will be extracted and imported into the state. As New York strives to achieve its goal of 50% renewables electric generation by 2030, the operational flexibility of the CPV Energy Center will greatly enhance the ability
to balance renewables and help New York to meet its renewable goals.

We encourage you to visit our CPV Valley Energy Center webpage at where you can obtain updated information.

Tom Rumsey, CPV