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Barbara Bonham

Secretary: Kirsten Gabrielsen

Members: Bob Deitrich, Kate Honders, Fred Isseks, Doug Milne, Mary Ellen O’Neill, Alan Lewis, Renee Stover  

Consultants: Celeste Van Fleet , Monty Vacura

City of Middletown Shade Tree code within the City Charter:

There is hereby created and established a Shade Tree Committee for the City of Middletown, New York, which shall consist of nine members, who shall be residents of or own a business in the City, or who live within a thirty-mile radius of the City but reside or work in New York State, and who shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Common Council.

Click here for City Code Chapter 449 Trees →  pdf City of Middletown City Code for Chapter 449 Trees (108 KB)

Middletown Shade Tree Committee is Seeking Volunteers

Middletown is currently seeking volunteers to serve on the Shade Tree Committee.

We work in conjunction with the schools, Recreation & Parks and the Department of Public Works. Volunteers help with planting, pruning, watering and keeping a survey of our city trees; as well as educating the public about the benefits of Urban Trees.