Chairman: David Madden
Vice-Chairman: Wayne Hawkins
Administrative Director: Maria Bruni, 845-346-4170
Treasurer: Leonora Liz
Secretary: Patricia Racine
Members:  Joseph DeStefano, Andrew Britto, Anthony Joseph Cantoli, Elizabeth Nemeth, 
Brian Seigerman, Wayne Hawkins, David Madden


  • Audit Committee - Full Board
  • Governance Committee - Full Board
  • Finance Committee - Full Board

Mission Statement

To promote economic development, sustainable growth, and general prosperity for the people of the City of Middletown by encouraging the location, expansion, or retention of compatible and diverse businesses by using available incentives, rights, and powers in an efficient and cooperative manner.Adopted March 26, 2010

Performance Goals

    1. Perform outreach within the community to educate local business owners, elected officials and other community representatives regarding the economic development resources the City of Middletown Industrial Development Agency has available for use by new and existing businesses within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Middletown. Such outreach shall include but is not limited to, conducting informational meetings with community members, preparation and dissemination of press releases, marketing materials, and creation of a City of Middletown Industrial Development Agency website.
    2. Continue to market and administer existing City of Middletown Industrial Development Agency programs including completion of administrative activities.
    3. Continue to market City of Middletown Industrial Development Agency programs to prospective businesses seeking to expand and grow within the City of Middletown.
    4. Work cooperatively with other industrial development agencies active in Orange County to encourage efficient allocation of economic development resources.
    5. Work cooperatively with the City of Middletown Department of Economic Development to foster job growth, promote sustainable development, and contribute to the prosperity of the City of Middletown.
    6. Improve City of Middletown Industrial Development Agency efficiency through the reduction of overhead attributable to non-core activities.Promote the expansion of economic opportunities by taking advantage of State and Federal business incentive programs designed for the promotion of small businesses.


Please contact the IDA office to determine if your project is eligible for IDA Assistance.

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Application - Poly Craft Industries

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