Meets the Second Tuesday of the Month 4:30PM in the Caucus Room, 2nd Floor at City Hall

Chairman: Thomas Murtaugh
Members: Jeffrey Spiro, Vice Chairman, Jerry Caiendo, Secretary, Robert Metz, Walter Welch, Mark Fellenzer
Clerk: Marta Moser, 845-346-4162

All Electricians doing any jobs in the City of Middletown are required to have a City of Middletown Electrical License.

The Board shall have the following powers and duties:

  • To accept applications for licenses accompanied by an application fee as determined from time to time by the Common Council of the City of Middletown in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by the Common Council.

  • To grant and issue licenses as master electricians and special electricians to applicants who satisfactorily pass any qualifying examination conducted by an appropriate agency or testing company chosen by the Commissioner of Public Works of the City. 

License Fee

  • Master Electrician Class A - $300.00  Renewal of Class A is $200.00 per year starting 2016
  • One-Time Master Electrician Class A - $750.00 (Class A)
    Performing and completing a single continuous job or installation at only one location or property.
    We only reciprocate with the City of Newburgh and the City of Port Jervis. To receive a One-time License the City requires a City of Newburgh or Port Jervis License.

Call Marta Moser 845-346-4162 regarding fees for yearly renewals of licenses.

Examination for a Electrical License

All Electricians doing jobs in the City of Middletown must take an examination for a license. 

Please call Marta Moser, Secretary of the Board at 845-346-4162 for information.

All fees and expenses associated with such examination(s) must be paid by the individual applicant to the  agency or testing company, as the case may be, prior to the applicant taking such examination.